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When you are shopping for a mortgage, should you call some banks or should you choose a trusted, independent mortgage broker?

While banks can be a popular option for many, independent mortgage brokers offer distinct advantages that are worth considering.

An Independent mortgage broker, like Priority Financial Services, has access to a wide range of lenders. Unlike banks, which offer their own mortgage products, independent brokers have access to a variety of loan products. This can lead to more options and ultimately better rates for the homebuyer.

Another advantage of working with an independent mortgage broker is the personalized service they offer. Brokers work on behalf of the homebuyer and can help navigate the complex mortgage process, answering questions and providing guidance along the way.

They can also tailor their services to meet the specific needs of the homebuyer, something that can be difficult to find when working with a bank.

Finally, independent mortgage brokers often have greater flexibility in their lending criteria. Banks typically have stricter lending requirements, which can make it more difficult for some homebuyers to qualify for a mortgage. Independent brokers, on the other hand, can work with a wider range of clients and offer more flexible lending options.